Note: The script does NOT come pre-loaded with any photo content.

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Whisper Clone Script

v1.3 Released!
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Powerful Secret Posting Script

Whisper Clone Script Demo

Create posts by uploading your own image

Users can upload their own photo to add text to when creating a new post or reply.

Create posts using provided images

Admins can upload photos for users to choose from when creating a new post or reply.

Trending Tags

Trending Tags

The trending tags box on the side menu displays the most popular tags used within the last set number of days.

Admins can choose the number of days in the admin panel.

[View Demo To See How It Works]


Reply System!

Users can reply to other posts secretly using an image with text they type.

Admins can award points for each reply posted

Points are used to determine popular posts.

[View Demo To See How It Works]


Automatic Geolocation System

The script comes integrated with google's geolocation system to determine the location of a user if they allow it when creating a new post.

You will require a google Geocoding API Account, which is free from google and has a limit of 2500 requests per day.

share posts

Share Posts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Each new post comes with sharing links for these popular social media websites.


Latest Section

The latest section shows all posts sorted by the most recently created.


Trending Section

The trending section shows posts added within a specified number of days (Admin sets the days) AND has received a specified number of likes (Admin sets the number of likes)


Popular Section

The popular section shows all posts sorted by the most points they have received. Admin can set the number of points awarded for a like, reply and view.

Facebook Like

Facebook Like Button

Users can like some pages they are on using the facebook like button on the side menu.

Favorite Whisper Clone

Favorite Posts

Logged in users can favorite posts they like. Points are awarded for each favorite. [View Demo]

Whisper Clone Script Admin Panel

Admin Panel

The advanced admin control panel allows you to fully manage your website. [View Demo]

Ban IPs

IP Based User Banning

Admins can view and ban user ips in the Admin Panel.

Whisper Clone Languages

Comes with 3 languages!
(English, Spanish and French)

You can switch between the 3 available languages in our Secret Clone Script

Easily add more languages by translating just one file!

areyouahuman Spam Catpcha

Our whisper clone script comes integrated with the captcha system that helps fight spam.

Why Use Whisper Clone Script?

Our Whisper Clone is the most advanced Whisper Clone Script loaded with features needed to create a successful secret posting website.

  • 100% Viewable PHP Source Code of non-licensing files.
  • Multiple language system supporting many languages.
  • Free Bug Fixes For Life!
  • Geolocation System - Determine users locations!
  • Facebook Like Box
  • HTML5 Meme Generator - Add Text To Images!
  • Tagging System - Add tags to photos when creating them.
  • Like system to easily favorite posts and replies.
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